When did the Ministry of Victory Place International Worship Center begin, and by whom?

In February of 2013, Dr. Porter founded Victory Place International Worship Center in obedience to God’s call to implement the vision given to him by God.His aim is to have a multi-cultural Church under the motto “Interacting For Fellowship – Mixing To Become One.” The ministry focus of Victory Place International Worship Center is to: Honor God, Celebrate People, Change Lives and Impact the World.

Where can Victory Place International be found?

We are currently located at 3842 North University Drive in the city of Sunrise in Florida. If you would like to view a map of our location please click here. We may also contact us for further details as we try to provide further clarity as to our location. We look forward in seeing you.

Does Victory Place International Worship accommodate the ministry needs of all ages?

Too often larger churches segregate people based on age and stage of life. Here at VPI we realize the importance of intergenerational ministry, and operate knowing how important it is for brethren, older and youthful, to dwell together in unity. Relationships between the older and younger generations who are not members of their immediate family foster a great atmosphere of worship, maturity and development, while providing stability and continued activity in the ministry.

What is the mission of Victory Place International Worship ?

At Victory Place International Worship Center, we strive to Honor God, Celebrate People, Change Lives and Impact the World. These are experiences we are eager to share with you should you find it possible to visit with us. These become a reflection of our relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and as stewards of His Grace.

Does Victory Place International provide transportation to and from church?

Victory Place International worship center has a Transportation Ministry which is an outreach ministry intended to provide limited commute to members of the church and visitors that would like to attend services held for Sunday School at 9:00 AM, the 10:00 AM worship service, and Wednesday night services at 7 PM (on request), and is within 15 miles of the church. For other specific Christ centered activities, transportation will be provided, only as announced, from the church to the specific activity. Please be advised that children under 6 years must ride with parent or guardian. For more information please contact us.