AtVictory Place International Worship Center,

We are guided by our four pillars:

Honor God. Celebrate People. Change Lives. Impact the world.

These core values serve as our catalyst and compass while speaking to our purpose for existing.

We believe that as long as we stay true to these values, we will be able to create and maintain a positive space in the hearts of those in our community and the world.

Our values are executed as follows:

We change lives by staying true to His word and edifying the minds of believers

We are committed to making positive changes in the lives of people through support and genuine fellowship.

We Celebrate People by appreciating them regardless of who they are and what stage of life they're in

We Impact the world through our myriad of programs and outreach:

It is our ultimate goal to promote self-actualization and empowerment of every individual in order to change their world and the world around them by tapping into the power of God.

Discipleship and Wellness Ministries

Sunday Mornings - 8 a.m.


Sunday Mornings - 9 a.m. Facebook Live

Discipleship Challenge

Tuesday Nights- 8pm Facebook Live

Discipleship challenge

Wednesday Nights - 8 pm. Facebook Live


Deuteronomy 16:17
“Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the Lord thy God which he hath given thee”


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